Bike courses Leogang

Bikepark Intro day

In the Summer on every Monday

Learn all the basic Bikepark skills you always wanted to master. You like riding and learning together with other people. Then this camp is the perfect place for you for a great time!

Bikepark Familiy Day

On Request

Together with your son or daughter in the Bikepark, enjoy a day of pure quality time without worrying about where to go or how to organize things.

Bikepark Jump Training

On Request

You Master the Bikepark. Go down all the trails with ease and stease. Build your confidence to hit those big jumps, ride those high drops and clear all the gaps!

Tailor made Bikecamps

Welcome to our tailor-made bike school camps! Are you with a group of friends looking for a bike experience perfectly suited to all your needs? Then this is the ideal destination for you. Working closely with you and your group, we design a multi-day bike camp that elevates everyone’s riding skills and ensures a guarantee of fun and adventure.

During your camp, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a range of technical riding skills, such as tackling advanced trail features, mastering jumps, drops, and steep descents. Additionally, we’ll delve into high-speed cornering techniques, advanced bike control methods, and the art of selecting the optimal line to smoothly navigate challenging terrain.

Aside from technical skills, we can also focus on improving your fitness and endurance levels to ensure you have the physical capability to tackle more demanding trails. Moreover, we will provide guidance on risk assessment and management, empowering you to make informed decisions when encountering challenging terrain and trail features.

Our seasoned bike park guides are committed to making your adventure an unforgettable experience, offering expert feedback and personalized tips tailored to enhance your riding skills. Embark on this exhilarating course with us and elevate your mountain biking to new heights!

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Talent School