The Bikepark is for everyone. We take care of your kids en teens with our lessons and courses that are specifically designed for your youngsters. Enjoy our youngster bike courses leogang

Kids Bike Courses Leogang 

Youth Camps

Age 12-15

  • Small groups 
  • Certified Guides
  • Official Teaching Method
  • 5 hours per day


Age 8-11

  • Certified Guides
  • Small groups 
  • 5 hours per day
  • Every Week

For the little bikers

Age 5-7

  • Focused on young childrener
  • Trained to work with kids
  • Groups and Private
  • Directly at the kids area 
Youngster academy

About our youngster bike courses in Leogang

Certified Guides

Our Bikepark guides from Epic Bikeschool in Leogang are specialy trained to work with kids and youth. We give them the care they need when learning new skills. Safety is always our number one priority! 

Small groups

Small groups are essential to ensure your kids receive the attention they deserve during our bike camps. We make sure your kids are placed in the right group and get the feedback they need to improve. We also believe it's easier for kids to connect with each other when the group size is manageable. Safety and fun are our top priorities in organizing these groups.

Epic Learning environment

Our Youngster bike courses Leogang are all about a nice and positive learning environment. That is super important to us. We want to teach our youngsters the importance of awerenes. The best way to learn this is to get to know yourself. Know what are your limits and what is the best and safest way to change those limits in a gradual way. This is much more important then just keep pushing yourself and others to be the fastest.


At Epic Bikeschool It is our goal to do all this as a team. In our camps we learn our youngsters how cool and nice it is to be part of a goup and to help eachother as a team. This way everybody will feel safe and good in the group and our learning experiences will be amplified!

Epic Times for Kids & Youth

We are here to teach everyone the best and coolest biking skills possible. In the Epic Bikeschool you learn how to shred the Bikepark! How to fly over jumps, absorb the roots and stones and drop in wherever you want! Our Youngster Acedemy is the place to be to improve. Are you ready.

Do You need a bike? Rent one here!

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Bikeparkguide from bikeschool leogang

We care about your Kids

Kids Bike Courses Leogang

The Epic Bikeschool is located right in the middle of Bikepark Leogang. One spot from where we organise everything. All our camps start at our school and we have all the facilities neccesary to make our camps great. Any problems with the bike, no worries we will fix it on the spot. Thirsty kids? Lets go for a quick lemonade stop to re energize and we are back on the bikes again in no time.

Ask us 

You are always more then welcome at our Youngster Bike Courses Leogang if you have any questions or just for a cup of coffee! we love to have you and your kids with us. See you soon 

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