Private Bike Lessons Leogang

Private Full Day Bike Lesson

319 Euro (5 hours)

Are you interested in learning new skills at the bike park, or perhaps you’d enjoy exploring the coolest trails in the area with one of our guides? Anything is possible when you opt for a full private day with one of our guides. You’ll have the freedom to go at your own pace, with no pressure but plenty of rewarding results. 

2 Hours Private Bike Lesson

179 Euro

Have all your questions answered, master new skills and style with our private bike lessons. Get the most value for your money and accelerate your learning. Whether you come alone or bring friends, our sessions guarantee rapid progress. Join us and unlock your full potential on the trails. Dont hesitate, book now.

Early Bird Private Hour 

89 Euro

Kickstart your day with action by joining our early hour session from 9 to 10. Gain valuable tips to fuel your day’s adventure and hit the trails! There’s nothing quite like starting your day on a bike. Sign up now and make the most of your mornings with us! We are looking foreward to see you in the morning and hit those trails. 

Bikepark instructor riding over the roots with bikeschool Leogang

Why Choose Epic Bikeschool for your private bike lessons

Personal approach 

A personalized approach is central to our private bike lessons. This is of the greatest importance to us. In the lessons we offer, it’s all about you. We are there to help and support you in achieving your goals. Our instructors will do everything possible to create the optimal conditions for you to develop in a pleasant way. Thats why personal is the way to go for us.

Complete Instructing

Our instructors are experienced and skilled. Through their training, they are able to teach according to the highest and latest standards and help you achieve your goals. For us, it is very important that our instructors not only have technical skills but also bring a lot of social experience to the lessons. In this way, we will give you the best experience during your mountain bike lesson. This way you have the biggest change to a succesfull result

Save learning Environment.

The Bikepark is not without risks. Safety is always our top priority during the private bike lessons with Epic Bikeschool. Material selection, approach, and mindset, they are all elements that contribute to a safe learning environment. We take this very seriousl. Our goal is a safe mountainbike lesson that everyone looks back on with a positive feeling. A save learning environment is key for us.

Always expect Quality 


A mountainbike lesson with the Epic Bikeschool is always an individual lesson where you receive personal attention from an experienced instructor. The lesson is specially designed to meet your individual needs and goals.

Personal Feedback

During the mountainbike lessons, you receive personal feedback and coaching to improve your skills and techniques. The instructor can offer specific exercises and activities to help you achieve your goals. The location of the lesson is the bikepark, where you have the opportunity to practice on different types of terrain, such as forest trails, rocky slopes, and other challenging routes.

Good learning environment

The private lesson in the bikepark provides a unique and intensive learning environment, allowing you to concentrate on your personal improvement without distraction from other bikers. It is an excellent way to make rapid progress and improve your biking skills. If you want to know more about our way off teaching feel free to come by and ask us everything you want. This way we make sure you have the best experience

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