We are Epic Bikeschool

Safety first

Saftey is our number one priority. The bikepark is not without risk and we are aware of that. In every deccision we make, we put your safety on the first place!

Customer is central

In our mountainbike lessons everything is about you! We are very happy that you choose to spend your time with us and we will try everything to give you the best experience possible!

Certified guides only

quality is what counts. nothing more and nothing less. To provide this we only work with experienced and well educated guides! Our guides are here for you and will do anything to make your lesson unforgatable!

Nice environment

We want you to feel comfortable. We know having a lesson can sometimes make you feel "getting out of your comfort zone". We will do everything to make you feel as comfortable as possible while challanging yourself!

Mountainbike instructor riding in the bikepark with bikeschool Leogang

The Epic Bikeschool

Epic bike school combines innovative teaching methods with a good dose of stoke and all the knowledge to create the safest and most advanced bike guiding. Epic aims to inspire every mountain bike enthusiast – from beginner to experienced park rat and everyone in between – and give them the confidence to go further and faster. If you can't push your own boundaries, we're not doing our job

Our Bikepark Leogang

Located in the Austrian Alps, Bikepark Leogang is among the world's top bike parks, offering a wide range of trails for different skill levels. Riders can enjoy flow trails, jump lines, technical trails, and downhill tracks, among others. The park also boasts world-class facilities, including a gondola lift, rental shop, bike washing station, repair services, and a bike school for beginners and experienced riders alike.

Furthermore, the park's stunning natural surroundings provide breathtaking views of the mountains and forests as riders navigate the well-maintained trails, regularly updated and improved for safety and enjoyment. Hosting international mountain biking events, including the prestigious UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, Bikepark Leogang is widely recognized for its top-notch facilities, beautiful scenery, and unparalleled mountain biking experience.

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