Kidscamp leogang

group of students participating in a bike camp from the epic bikeschool in leogang

Epic Bikeschool Kidscamp Leogang

Welcome to our Kidscamps 2024. If you’re between the age of 8 and 11 and you love mountainbiking in the bikepark, then our Epic Bikeschool kids Camps in Leogang are the perfect adventure for your next vacation. Sunshine or rain our camps always take place

289 Euro | 3 Days

In our camps included 

  • 5 Hours per Day
  • We eat together
  • Cool Cap
  • Photo and Video

Continues with minimum of 3 participants

Minimum Level participant: Being able to ride blue trails

The camps start at 09:30 and finish at 15:30

Epic Bikeschule Kidscamp Leogang, Was brauchst du:

  • Full suspension bike
  • Protective gear
  • Shoes with flat bottem
  • Liftcard

Kidscamp 2024 Dates

Die Camps finden im Sommer im juli jede Woche statt. Wir beginnen jeweils am Sonntag.

What our Kidscamps look like  


Every day starts at our Epic Bikeschool shop, located in the heart of the Bikepark, conveniently beside the lifstation. We always kick off our adventure at 9:30, thrilled on a day filled with excitement and epicness. Whether we’re improving our skills in the Bikepark’s unparalleled training areas or diving headfirst into the trails, each moment is filled with exitment.

What we learn

Our camps are full of fun and lots of riding on the trail. We believe the more fun you have the easier it is to learn new skills, The Skills we are focusing on are: 

  • Braking Styles and Tricks 
  • Improving your bodyposition
  • Cornering Lines and Skills
  • Riding Jumps and Dropps
  • Mastering difficult terrain
  • How to ride trails in a safe way

Saftey First

Safety is our biggest priority. All our instructors are trained to work specially with kids. Everything we do, we do in a playfull way to make sure nobody feels pressure. In our program choises we always look at the previous experience of the kids, coordinative talents, phisical conditions. According to these elements we tailor our Kidscamp program

Speed on the trail with nice breaks

Throughout the day, as thirst strikes or minor repairs are needed, we make brief pit stops at our bikeschool basecamp for drinks and any necessary bike fixes, ensuring a safe day on the trails. By noon, we have lunch together as we refuel for the afternoon’s adventures. And as the clock strikes 15:30, we are back at the shop, having enjoyed every moment of an incredible day.

Good to know

The better you are prepared for the bikepark the more fun you get out of it! With this in mind we would like to share our experience with you to get your child as prepared as possible. Shoes are a very important part of your bike gear. Just like you dont go skiing without skiboots, you shouldnt go biking without bikeshoes. Flat sole bikeshoes are a must have for safety and control on your bike. Falling can hurt a lot with biking therefore we advise good protective gear. This includes: A full face helmet, a back protector, knee and elbow protection and bike gloves. If you come prepared, you will have the best experience possible.

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A good bike is key to ride safe and with fun in the bikepark. If you have your own bike, Perfect! if not, no problem! Leogang offers excellent bikerental opportunitys with over 200 rental bikes in the area. If you book a course in high season make sure you have an early reservation. Need any help, check our rental page and click on the link on the left or let us know!

To wrap it up!

You are..

Between 8 and 11 years old

Have you’re own bike or rent one,

Want to learn new skils and make friends 

To bring along…

fully suspended mountain bike

Shoes with flat sole

Fullface helmet

Knee, elbow and back protector 


Rain suit if the conditions require

Not included


Cost of Lunch