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Epic Bikeschool Youth Camp Leogang Leogang

Join our Youth camps 2024. If you’re older than 12 and younger than 15 and you want to have an epic adventure in the Bikepark, then stop looking. our Epic Bikeschool Youth Camps in Leogang are the place to be for you.

289 euro | 3 tagen

In our camps included

  • 5 hours per day
  • Video and photo
  • Cool Commencal cap
  • Friends for life

Minimum of 3 participant required to start the Kidscamp

The camps start at 09:30 and finish at 15:30

Epic Bikeschool kidscamp leogang, What to bring;

  • fully suspended mountain bike
  • Protective gear
  • Shoes with flat bottem
  • Liftcard

Youth Camp 2024 Dates

09.10 – 13.10

What our camps look like

How we start the day

What can be a better start off the day then a full warmup lap on the Flying Ganster. As a team we warm up our muscles on the jumps and get used to the speed on the highway section. When we start our day like that we feel epic. We look after eachother some need a bit more time then others to get in the flow, but once we all get there the game is on 

What we learn

After warming up on the trails its time for practising. Depending on our group level we either focus on the basic techniques like cornering skills, bike position and braking or we go in dept on more advanced skills. This could range from drops and jumps to the more difficult downhill sections in the bikepark. Everyday will be tailor made, adjusted to the energy and ability of the group.

Safety first

Safety is very important to us. Because of our experience and training we know how to work with youth and the special dynamics it brings. Everything we do, we do in a playfull way to make sure nobody feels pressure. In our program choises we always look at the previous experience of the kids, coordinative talents, phisical conditions. According to these elements we tailor our Kidscamp program

The social Element 

Our camps are not only about becoming a better rider. A very important aspect of the camp is frienship and meeting new people. The Bikepark is a social place. Its a great way to meet new people and find friends to ride with in the future. We not only focus on meeting new people but also teach how to ride safe together. Not to feel pressured or push your limits to much. This is why our Youth Camps leogang are the place to be in summer

Good to know

The better you are prepared for the bikepark the more fun you get out of it! With this in mind we would like to share our experience with you to get your child as prepared as possible. Shoes are a very important part of your bike gear. Just like you dont go skiing without skiboots, you shouldnt go biking without bikeshoes. Flat sole bikeshoes are a must have for safety and control on your bike. Falling can hurt a lot with biking therefore we advise good protective gear. This includes: A full face helmet, a back protector, knee and elbow protection and bike gloves. If you come prepared, you will have the best experience possible. 

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A good bike is key to ride safe and with fun in the bikepark. If you have your own bike, Perfect! if not, no problem! Leogang offers excellent bikerental opportunitys with over 200 rental bikes in the area. If you book a course in high season make sure you have an early reservation. Need any help, check our rental page and click on the link on the left or let us know!

To wrap it up!

Du bist

Between 12 and 15 years old

Want to learn new skils and make friends 

Have you’re own bike or rent one,

To bring along…

fully suspended mountain bike

Shoes with flat sole

Fullface helmet 

Knee, elbow and back protector


Rain suit if the conditions require

Not included

Cost of Lunch